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Senior Health: The Dangers of Knee and Hip Replacement Implants

This episode is all about the safety of both hip and knee replacement implants. Approximately 600,000 individuals in the United States receive a total knee replacement every year, and 450,000 get total hip replacements by surgeons. Sadly, at least 80,000 deaths have occurred since 2008 from medic [...]

What are Public Guardianships? with Dr. Pamela Teaster

Public Guardianship — Is it made with the best interest of incapacitated people in mind? Join us in today’s episode with our guest Dr. Pamela Teaster as she talks about Public Guardianship. 

Meet Pamela Teaster

Pamela Teaster is a professor of human development a [...]

Do Public Guardianships Help the Elderly?

To get some help today, we have Dr. Pamela Teaster with us to talk about public guardianships and whether it is in the best interest of incapacitated people. Dr. Teaster is a human development and family science professor at Virginia Tech and director of the Virginia Tech Center for Gerontology. [...]