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We are all living longer, which means we may need to rely on others to help us or our parents. Thus, like it or not, the Senior and Elderly population is vulnerable to negligence committed by medical professionals, Nursing Home and assisted living facilities, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, insurance companies and everyday individuals and businesses. Do you know who to trust?

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He Launched Because of a Family Tragedy – In our quest to discover why you are all launching podcasts, Steve Heisler tells PBJ he launched his podcast after a family tragedy when he was in law school back in 1986. His grandfather went in for routine back surgery and never left the hospital. Heisler says his grandfather had a stroke on the operating table and died several days later. “He was elderly with a heart condition and should not have been approved for the surgery. That incident remained with me for a long time, especially that it seemed to me that the medical establishment see the elderly as a profit center and put that before patient safety.” – Read Full Article

The Injured Senior Podcast will educate and inform you about legal issues of importance to the injured Senior and Elderly population such as medical malpractice, Nursing home and assisted living abuse and neglect, defective drugs and medical devices, age discrimination, on the job injuries, and personal injuries such as motor vehicle injuries and slip and fall. Your Host Steve H. Heisler is a lawyer and creator of the National Injured Senior Law Center and has been advocating for seniors’ rights for over 30 years. He is also a senior. The show will include many interviews with experts in the aforementioned areas of law as well as advice from Steve’s personal experiences and past cases. Tune in each week to learn what you may not have even known to ask before. Welcome to The Injured Senior Podcast.

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