Moleculight is a Revolutionary Device for Detecting Wound Infections with Martha Kelso

In today’s episode, listen as Martha Kelso talks about Moleculight. An imaging device that is a portable, noninvasive, real-time camera used to visualize the bacterial load in a wound.

Meet Martha Kelso:

Martha Kelso is the Chief Executive Officer of Wound Care Plus, LLC, the largest mobile wound care provider in the Midwest. Her decades of experience providing advanced wound care, while being a visionary and entrepreneur in the field of mobile medicine, has allowed her to pursue a relentless passion for educating others by offering training and lecturing nationwide. Her team of wound specialists pride themselves on bringing advanced wound care and clinical excellence, supported by evidence-based medicine to the bedside clients and caregivers alike. Kelso is a published author and member of several national advisory boards. Clinical research is important to her and she has served as principal investigator on several clinical research studies/trials. Additionally, Kelso serves as an expert witness for wound litigation cases and serves as a clinical editor for two national publications. Kelso has been a featured speaker at more than 300 educational events and is widely recognized as being a pioneer in the advanced wound care arena, working tirelessly to shape the future landscape of healthcare.

Instagram: martha.r.kelso