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For seniors and elders who may not be as physically strong as they once were, injuries can be especially debilitating. Unfortunately, injured seniors are also vulnerable to being taken advantage of by healthcare providers, nursing homes and other entities and individuals who may try to deny their negligence or wrongdoing when they cause injuries. That’s why it’s highly important that senior citizens are educated about their legal rights and know how to seek justice when their rights are abused.

When you listen to our podcast you’ll learn about the issues that are important to the elderly community. You won’t want to miss the legal topics that are discussed. By understanding your rights, you can make decisions to benefit and protect your future. Attorney and podcast host Steve Heisler and other experts talk about medical malpractice, nursing home and assisted living facility neglect and abuse, defective drugs and medical devices, on-the-job injuries, car accidents and other topics relevant to older people, such as handling age discrimination at work and elsewhere.

Welcome to the Injured Senior Podcast. We are here to keep you informed.

Dangers for Seniors in Hospitals

Free Bonus: Hospital Hazards


Hospitals are meant to heal, but they can sometimes be dangerous places for seniors. In an attempt to save money, many hospitals are understaffed, which means that doctors, nurses and other medical providers are often overstressed and overworked. Even though most healthcare workers strive to provide good care, injuries caused by negligence can and do happen in busy hospitals. And for seniors, injuries can be especially severe.

In this informative special report, you’ll learn what the top danger is to seniors in hospitals. And when you need help after a hospital injury, National Injured Senior Law Center is your legal advocate.

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    Steve Heisler, your podcast host, is a senior himself. He is also a trusted and experienced attorney who has spent more than 30 years advocating for the rights of older people who have been injured due to negligence and wrongdoing.

    His determination to protect seniors’ interests started during law school, when he tragically lost his grandfather to medical malpractice. He started this podcast to help others who have been injured learn how to seek justice.

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    Our experience representing seniors in their legal claims informs what topics we cover on our podcast. There are many more issues we can discuss, and you can help shape what those are. Help us provide the information you need. We invite you to offer ideas for what we discuss in our next podcast. Reach out — let us know a topic you’d like know more about.

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