How to Revolutionize Your Retirement!

Blog Img: How to Revolutionize Your Retirement!

Retirement used to be the beginning of the end. That was the notion of retirement in the 20th century when we didn’t live as long. Luckily, that notion about retirement has been changing because we live longer; this is called the longevity revolution. The typical retirement age is 65; people may have another twenty, thirty, or forty years to live. Retirement is a transition; it is no longer a destination, but it’s a transition.

When thinking about retirement, you’ll want to consider where you want to live. Plus, think about what you will be doing when retired. Some people like to keep working, or they will want to start working differently. While many people do not work at all and have a life of leisure, there’s no right way. People are not retiring from life; it’s a retirement from whatever work that you were doing. There’s a lot of life left, so there’s always new opportunities and new potential right around the corner.

Retirement Is A New Beginning

Many people think they will be depressed while in retirement. However, that’s the old way of thinking about it. People realize that we’re living longer and that retirement isn’t necessarily an endpoint; it’s not a destination. Instead, retirement is like the potential of a new beginning. Retirement is a time of possibility. We think about the years of retirement as bonus years – it could be another 40 years of your life! We can’t control everything, and many people deal with health issues. However, retirement can be seen as the time to grow, learn, evolve, and explore.

Find A Retirement Hobby

Before retiring, consider what interests and hobbies that you have. What are other parts of your identity? If work is your real identity, or if being a parent is your only identity, then people can feel lost without their job or kids in the house. Start thinking about things that you would like to accomplish or start working on before you get to retirement. Maybe there are things that you put on the back burner during all these other parts of life. Consider the people that you admire and what you enjoy doing in your free time. It’s always great to get a jump start on these retirement hobbies.

It’s Never Too Late To Learn Something New

Also, remember that it’s never too late to start a hobby. If you have already retired, you can still pick up something that you enjoy doing. Perhaps you want to learn to do something new! Retirement is an exciting time if you’ve opened yourself up to this idea of new beginnings and possibilities. The internet has made it easier than ever to pick something that you have never done before. If you’re searching for something to do, then make sure to check out Facebook groups and see what other people are doing to keep themselves fulfilled. Plus, you always want to make sure you have time to play! Enjoy your downtime and self-care time. Retirement doesn’t always need to be fast-paced.

Staying Healthy During Retirement

Health is a massive part of retirement. How have you treated your body this far, and how long can you stay active? By the time we’re 65, health is 30% genetics and 70% things we can control, including exercising our body and brain. In addition, our health includes spirit, nutrition, and meaningful relationships. So, in retirement, make sure you have a routine that will keep you moving, thinking, and socializing. Not having control over the timing of retirement is very hard. Some people retire early for health reasons. Other people retire early because of mergers and downsizing; no one likes the control being taken away from us. However, what will be important in your retirement years is connection, engagement, purpose, and meaning.

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