Medical Malpractice Misconceptions & Fixing The Broken Healthcare System

Blog Img: Medical Malpractice Misconceptions & Fixing The Broken Healthcare System

There are many misconceptions about medical malpractice in the senior community. When a doctor makes a mistake, the first thing they think about is if they will get into legal trouble. Then, they try and figure out how they can cover up the mistake that they made. For patients, when you go into an emergency room, or you have to go to the hospital – you’re not going in there to sue anybody. Instead, you’re going into the hospital or ER to get better and healthier. In the midst of all that, you have the insurance companies fighting both sides, which doesn’t help the matter. So the biggest misconception is not working together to fix a problem, whatever it is.

Many people think that medical malpractice cases are frivolous and the patient is only looking for a massive payout. These are more misconceptions that are simply not true. Typically, someone who files a medical malpractice case is simply looking for answers. When someone files a lawsuit, the doctor will have to testify or be deposed. Through legal action is the only way families find out what went wrong and why it went wrong for many people. In the long run, it will also help people prevent these medical malpractice issues. If something stays hidden, then it cannot be fixed.

It’s Time To Take The Healthcare System Back

One piece of advice moving forward is not to put doctors on pedestals. Plus, if you’re passionate about the healthcare system, then it’s time to do something to turn it around. Everything about the current healthcare system is wrong. Americans need to take it back and take it out of the insurance company’s hands. The insurance companies do way too much, messing with every American that needs help. Sadly, people are not getting the help they need because of how the system is broken; there is no doubt that the healthcare system needs to be fixed in many different ways.

How Congress Can Fix Our Broken Healthcare System

First and foremost, everybody in Congress needs to stop fighting about who is Republican and who is a Democrat. Instead, we all need to fight together as Americans, and we need to think about America first. Next, Congress needs to ensure that insurance companies cannot deny somebody a vital medication or a necessary medical test. Many people get denied these life-saving operations because it will cost the insurance companies money. The system is broken, and Congress needs to fix it.

The Importance of Creating A Universal Health Records System

Lastly, we need a universal health records system. If you’re visiting another state and need to go to the emergency room, that doctor can’t look up your records. There should be some universal system so that doctors can see what’s going on with a patient, even if they are in a different state. We have the technology to accomplish it, but unfortunately, it’s not happening. Having this kind of system would be life-changing for seniors around the country. Congress would be the only institution allowed to develop this type of system – well, what’s the hold-up?

Find Time To Write To Your Representative

If you’re sick of what’s going on in the healthcare system, then it’s time to write to your congressman. Not sure of your congressional district or who your member is? “Find Your Representative” will assist you by matching your ZIP code to your congressional district, with links to your member’s website and contact page. That way, you will have access to the congressperson that will hear your concerns. For other tips and resources, follow The National Injured Senior Law Center on Facebook.